Walnut Veneer Reviews

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  1. Just what I was hoping for.  5 Star Review            

    Posted by Larry on 12th Jun 2018

    We are a speaker restoration shop. In the past, I've done large speaker cabinet veneering using paper backed veneer. I've never been happy with the corners as the backing always shows. Not terrible but not perfect.
    I'm very happy with the double layer wood veneer with the 3M Adhesive application. It's now very difficult to detect the joint and no paper backing shows. With some attention to detail, I've been able to apply the veneer in a wrap around fashion preserving the continuation of the grain.

  2. cedar Chest   5 Star Review            

    Posted by Linda Cecil on 16th Mar 2018    I got my Moms old cedar chest when she died, the old veneer was coming off and was in bad shape.  We purchased the 4x8 sheet of walnut, it was pretty easy to work with especially since this was our first time working with veneer.  If we ever have another project dealing veneer we will purchase Veneer Factory Outlet.

  3. Great product!! 5 Star Review            

    Posted by allison johnson on 10th Mar 2018

    I found a 50’s coffee table at an estate sale and it needed a complete overhaul. This product worked perfectly.

  4. Great Product  5 Star Review            

    Posted by Philip Luckett on 8th Aug 2017

    Ordered walnut wood on wood veneer and the product they sent was fantastic. Really pretty flitch. I own a custom cabinet shop in Gatlinburg and will certainly be ordering from here again.

  5. Excellent product  5 Star Review            

    Posted by Matthew Pickston on 8th Jun 2017

  6. I purchased this veneer for a first time job.  And despite my lack of expereince, the job came out beautiful. I transformed a boring oak pool table to walnut.

  7. very good quality  5 Star Review            

    Posted by Ahmed Alani on 5th Apr 2017

    Very easy to apply the product.

  8. Good Customer Service  5 Star Review            

    Posted by David on 29th Sep 2016

  9. Thank You 5 Star Review   I'd like to thank Bob for taking a personal interest in my order. I had made a mistake in my order and when I contact Bob he made sure the order was change and mailed in time for my project. Thanks Bob!! 
    BTW - The FC walnut veneer was perfect for my project and the veneer was flawless.

  10. Received Damaged Sheet  4 Star Review            

    Posted by Ahmed Alani on 23rd Aug 2016

    The shipping box was damaged and in return the veneer sheet was damaged and cracked as well.  Product was excellent.

  11. Easy to Apply, Hard to Get Off  5 Star Review            

    Posted by Tim Puro on 7th Jan 2016

    I have been using Bob's peel and stick/PSA adhesive for years on refinishing projects.  If you think the PSA adhesive isn't strong, just try removing it after you have mislaid the veneer!  We have been using peel and stick veneers for the past 10 years and haven't had a call back.  But the real reason why buy from Veneer Factory Outlet is that the veneer faces look good!

  12. beautiful product  that can totally transform any piece of furniture  5 Star Review         

    Posted by Jacki Schmidt on 14th Jul 2015

    I love this product!  I have used it several times to cover Formica, and anyone that sees it cannot believe it's not original to the piece.