Terms And Conditions



Order your veneer with confidence!  We've been in business since 1974 and we value our reputation.

The  "Terms And Conditions” applies to normal and customary orders for the sheets of wood veneers sold on this website. 

                                                                                      Refunds, Cancellations, Changes 


All sales are final, unless cancelled before we start processing it in our factory.  You can cancel your order and receive a full refund at any time before we start processing it at our factory.  We start processing your order within 24 hours of when we receive it, sometimes within an hour, but never longer than 24 hours.  When your order status changes to "In Process" or "Awaiting Shipment", it means that we have started processing it in our factory, and it cannot be cancelled or refunded.  Contact us at Bob.06064@gmail.com.  You can check your order status by logging in to your account and clicking "Status" on the ribbon at the top left of the page; or by pulling up your order to check the status.  There are no refunds, returns, or exchanges unless your order is damaged or defective.


                                                                       Damaged, Defective, Or Wrong Item Sent 

If you receive damaged, defective, or wrong item sent, contact us with 14 days of our shipping date at Bob.06064@gmail.com We will refund/replace, at your option, including return shipping to us, at our expense, using our call tag. If we ship a replacement veneer back to you, we will pay for the shipping cost to ship it to you. 

When you receive your veneer, open the package immediately to inspect the contents. You have 14 days after our shipping date to contact us to start the refund/replacement process of the damaged, defective, wrong item sent.  Notify us at Bob.06064@gmail.com within the 14 day period, and attach photos, if possible.  Please be specific and describe the nature of the problem.

If the damaged, defective or wrong item is shipped back to us, contact us at Bob.06064@gmail.com for instructions before you ship it back. We will issue an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number and we will issue a call tag, at our expense, to cover the cost of shipping the item back to us. We will refund/replace the damaged, defective, or wrong item, once we receive the package back from you. If we ship a replacement veneer to you, we will ship to you it at our expense. 

Be sure to write the RMA number on the OUTSIDE of the package. Packages that don’t show the RMA number on the outside of the package will not be accepted.

This warranty will be voided unless we receive the veneer back from you in the same condition that you received it.  Do not attempt to repair or alter the veneer in any way.  We recommend that you insure the package when you ship it back.

                                                                                          What We Do Not Guarantee 

Wood Veneer is a natural product.  Mother nature is in charge.  The wood grains, colors, character and appearance of wood veneer varies from tree to tree and even within a given log.   We do not guarantee that the grains, colors, character or appearance of the veneer that you receive will match or resemble any example of a photo or image on our website, or any photo or image that you have in your possession or have observed.    

                                     Sequential Veneer Sheets And Premium Veneers 

If you need sequentially matched veneer sheets, please contact us at bob.06064@gmail.com before you place your order.   There is an additional charge for this service.  if you don’t contact us ahead of time, you probably won’t receive sequential sheets.

If you need a very high end “premium” or “choice” veneer, we may be able to accommodate your needs. There will be additional charge for this service. Contact us at Bob.06064@gmail.com before placing your order.

                                                              Peel And Stick Veneers

Please note: We do not recommend that the peel and stick veneer be used on walls or on areas larger than 24" x 96".

                                                                 Special Selections 

At times we may be able to select from our stock to attempt to obtain a resemblance of a photo or sample that you email/send to us. There will be an additional charge for this service.  We will do our best to make a selection, but with the myriad of naturally occurring variances in tone, grain,  color, and appearance of all wood species, we do not guarantee that our attempts of selecting for similarity will meet your expectations.

Bob Morgan, Pres. Veneer Factory Outlet

Since 1974